Monday, May 28, 2007


Why is it that some days we get heaps of homework and then the next day we get near to none?

I think that all the teachers are out there are working together to make sure that some days we hve heaps of homework and some we have none. But really, it's really annoying when it happens. Today I had a science assignment, english homework, economics homework, social studies homework. Homework, homework, homework argh.
Oh well at least I still have a bit of time to go on the computer...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lets Share Some Love...

It looks like the owner of is 14!

I really like the site and it is inpsiring to see someone just like me with that talent! The site seems to discuss how to make money online alot and that is what I want to be able to do someday with this blog!

So Happy Birthday!


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Playstation 3

Here’s my review on the Playstation 3:

I currently have a PS3 and enjoy playing it alot. There are alot of games I can’t wait until they come out and I don’t think that the games that were released with it were all that great apart from a few of them. I’m from New Zealand so the PS3 was only released here about 8 weeks ago.

I currently have these games:
Full Auto 2: Battlelines

My favourite game would have to be Motorstorm. In this game you can drive a car or buggy or something and race in the mud. The online play of it is awesome and there are always heaps of people on.

The problem I have with the PS3 at the moment is that there is not much customization on it but I suppose that will come in later updates. It is great with saving movies, music and photos to it. The wireless controllers are really good, much better than having wired controllers. The price tag of it seems a bit much but I think it was well worth it getting it on the release day!!


What is a Proxy?

What is a Proxy?

A proxy is often identifiable as an “ip changer,” this is a false definition; a proxy can temporarily change your ip address to match the servers but it also has various other abilities.

Proxies can work their way through filters (at school or at work) but this is not recommended, this can be taken as illegal action and severe punishments could be dealt.

A proxy can…
• Temporarily change your ip address
• Enable and disable Client-Side scripting (e.g. JavaScript)
• Remove advertisement banners• Remove images (similarly to Opera)
• Accept and decline HTTP Cookies

Below are a few quality top sites (a website with a huge source of proxies):
• – Good Waiter is not the largest supply in the world but offers very quality proxies; all proxies server ip’s are unique unless the proxy owner pays an advertising fee.
• – My Proxies is another very good source; they offer a wide selection of proxies that have been categorized well (cgi-Proxies and phProxies).

You have now officially learned what a proxy is, what a proxy can do and where you can find them. This is fatal information that you, hopefully, will not forget!


Friday, May 25, 2007

It's a Mess!

Hey everyone!

What you are looking at beside this writing is my computer "space".

Now, find it slightly had to find things and that gets a bit annoying. I usually only tidy it up 2 or 3 times a year so it's often mesy. I think this weekend it's long overdue a cleanup! I'll post another pic if I actually get it cleaned butI don't think I will.

If I need an exuse... heres one - "I have alot of homework to complete!". Works every time :D

Today's Links
DLL Files - Helped me get the file to encode the MP3 for my podcast!
Proxy Users

Podcast 1!

Heres my first podcast - not very long but I think it's good for my first one!

Listen to it here!


Friday, May 18, 2007

List of Bloggers Salaries

A list has been made of some webmasters/bloggers that make money through their websites/blogs. It isn’t very accurate though and is only an estimate. There are only 60 people on the list an the bottom one is earning $479.88 a year so if you earn more than that you could be on the list! ( sadly I can't get on it yet! )

That list must have taken ages to make - going through the web to find everything! I glad I wasn’t the one to be doing it but it certainly is very interesting and I have found out about some different people that make heaps online!

John Chow’s income was taken from March and just multiplied it by 12 to get a yearly figure so it is quite inaccurate! No one could every get what they earn in a year right since it could grow or decrease every month but it’s easily enough to make a good esitmate on it.
I wish this blog would at least make it to 59th place sometime although it has only just been started!

So visit it now!


Digital Point Forums

Have you joined the Digital Point forums? If you haven’t it is an excellent forum to join. It is proberly one of the best webmaster forums out there and has a great theme. There are always just about 1000 people on at one time so there is always posts being made.

If you look under the “Spy” feature of it you can see the posts that are being made right at that moment. Whenever I use it it seems like theres a post or a new thread just about every second! This means that if you’re asking a question or selling a product it is very likely you will get a reply fairly quickly. That brings me to my next point… selling and buying of products.

Selling and Buying products area/forum is proberly my favourite place. There are always people trolling around these forums so if you have something good to sell you’re likely to sell it very fast! Also if you wish to buy something there are heaps and heaps of things to buy - anythign from PHP scripts to blog posts - theres something for everyone!

I have found Digital Point to be a really good forum and have released my own freeware PHP script there since they’re so great and have helped me out alot!

So if you want to join a really good and active forum… why not?


Well... it's started!

Well yes... my blog is now officially opened now. I used to have a blog running at but the hosting went down and I lost emthusiasm for it (also I didn't make any backups for it :p ) so thats why I decided to start this one up.

So what am I going to put in this blog? Well I'm actually not sure but I will update it hopefully once a day with information I find interesting or funny. I will put things on it on what's happening to me and what I'm up to on the internet! Also, at the end/start of each day I will put on a blog post from that day a thing that I will call "Today's Links" and it will have some extra links of things that I have found interesting for the day!

So... welcome if you're reading this!


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