Friday, May 18, 2007

Well... it's started!

Well yes... my blog is now officially opened now. I used to have a blog running at but the hosting went down and I lost emthusiasm for it (also I didn't make any backups for it :p ) so thats why I decided to start this one up.

So what am I going to put in this blog? Well I'm actually not sure but I will update it hopefully once a day with information I find interesting or funny. I will put things on it on what's happening to me and what I'm up to on the internet! Also, at the end/start of each day I will put on a blog post from that day a thing that I will call "Today's Links" and it will have some extra links of things that I have found interesting for the day!

So... welcome if you're reading this!


Today's Links:
Shockace Blog
Digital Point Forums
Get a proxy

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