Saturday, May 26, 2007

What is a Proxy?

What is a Proxy?

A proxy is often identifiable as an “ip changer,” this is a false definition; a proxy can temporarily change your ip address to match the servers but it also has various other abilities.

Proxies can work their way through filters (at school or at work) but this is not recommended, this can be taken as illegal action and severe punishments could be dealt.

A proxy can…
• Temporarily change your ip address
• Enable and disable Client-Side scripting (e.g. JavaScript)
• Remove advertisement banners• Remove images (similarly to Opera)
• Accept and decline HTTP Cookies

Below are a few quality top sites (a website with a huge source of proxies):
• – Good Waiter is not the largest supply in the world but offers very quality proxies; all proxies server ip’s are unique unless the proxy owner pays an advertising fee.
• – My Proxies is another very good source; they offer a wide selection of proxies that have been categorized well (cgi-Proxies and phProxies).

You have now officially learned what a proxy is, what a proxy can do and where you can find them. This is fatal information that you, hopefully, will not forget!


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