Saturday, May 26, 2007

Playstation 3

Here’s my review on the Playstation 3:

I currently have a PS3 and enjoy playing it alot. There are alot of games I can’t wait until they come out and I don’t think that the games that were released with it were all that great apart from a few of them. I’m from New Zealand so the PS3 was only released here about 8 weeks ago.

I currently have these games:
Full Auto 2: Battlelines

My favourite game would have to be Motorstorm. In this game you can drive a car or buggy or something and race in the mud. The online play of it is awesome and there are always heaps of people on.

The problem I have with the PS3 at the moment is that there is not much customization on it but I suppose that will come in later updates. It is great with saving movies, music and photos to it. The wireless controllers are really good, much better than having wired controllers. The price tag of it seems a bit much but I think it was well worth it getting it on the release day!!


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