Friday, May 18, 2007

Digital Point Forums

Have you joined the Digital Point forums? If you haven’t it is an excellent forum to join. It is proberly one of the best webmaster forums out there and has a great theme. There are always just about 1000 people on at one time so there is always posts being made.

If you look under the “Spy” feature of it you can see the posts that are being made right at that moment. Whenever I use it it seems like theres a post or a new thread just about every second! This means that if you’re asking a question or selling a product it is very likely you will get a reply fairly quickly. That brings me to my next point… selling and buying of products.

Selling and Buying products area/forum is proberly my favourite place. There are always people trolling around these forums so if you have something good to sell you’re likely to sell it very fast! Also if you wish to buy something there are heaps and heaps of things to buy - anythign from PHP scripts to blog posts - theres something for everyone!

I have found Digital Point to be a really good forum and have released my own freeware PHP script there since they’re so great and have helped me out alot!

So if you want to join a really good and active forum… why not?


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