Friday, May 18, 2007

List of Bloggers Salaries

A list has been made of some webmasters/bloggers that make money through their websites/blogs. It isn’t very accurate though and is only an estimate. There are only 60 people on the list an the bottom one is earning $479.88 a year so if you earn more than that you could be on the list! ( sadly I can't get on it yet! )

That list must have taken ages to make - going through the web to find everything! I glad I wasn’t the one to be doing it but it certainly is very interesting and I have found out about some different people that make heaps online!

John Chow’s income was taken from March and just multiplied it by 12 to get a yearly figure so it is quite inaccurate! No one could every get what they earn in a year right since it could grow or decrease every month but it’s easily enough to make a good esitmate on it.
I wish this blog would at least make it to 59th place sometime although it has only just been started!

So visit it now!


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